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How we helped ForrestBrown fill a key role in just 14 days.

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About ForrestBrown

ForrestBrown are a team of chartered tax advisors who break the mould of what you’d expect from a typical tax firm.

They’re one of the largest specialist research and development (R&D) tax teams in the UK, but their approach is really what makes them different. They’re creative, driven, and fiercely passionate about delivering outstanding results for their clients.

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The challenge

Navigating a highly competitive, candidate-driven market

ForrestBrown were on the lookout for a talented new Digital Marketing Manager. They needed someone who could help them to achieve their ambitious growth plans – to break into new locations, sectors, and services. Finding the right person for ForrestBrown went beyond finding top-tier talent. They didn’t need another technical tax expert because they already had plenty of those. They needed someone who was capable of successfully communicating the value of this complex subject. They were searching for a creative thinker who could drive the marketing strategy forwards and take ownership of delivery and optimisation. Navigating the highly competitive, candidate-driven market in 2022 was always going to be the biggest challenge in hiring for this role. ForrestBrown were vying for top-tier talent in an incredibly crowded space – competing against other very appealing employer brands to attract digital marketing talent. So, speed and positioning were key. Luckily, we knew exactly where to find just the right person.  

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Our Approach

Understanding the requirements

To fully understand the requirements for this role, we dedicated some time upfront to build an accurate picture of the most sought-after attributes with the Senior Talent Acquisition Manager.   

Cultural fit

Getting to the heart of ForrestBrown’s requirements involved gaining a true understanding of their company culture, so we focussed on researching the company ethos early on. They have proudly created a positive, collaborative culture so needed candidates who would fit in with this and match the ForrestBrown mindset. Our understanding of the company culture helped us to us identify strong candidates right from the get-go, and ultimately reduced the time to hire.

Expert guidance

With our extensive knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, we were able to offer expert insight into the job market. This included realistic expectations on candidate availability and advice on the skills and experience obtainable within the salary parameters. 

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Strategic candidate outreach

Once we had a full understanding of the requirements, we applied our expertise to search for potential candidates with the right competencies and skill sets. The ideal candidate needed previous lead generation experience within a B2B environment, so we narrowed down relevant industries where this talent existed. Our knowledge of the marketing industry and full understanding of the role enabled us to approach talent in a tailored and personalised way. Rigorous candidate screening meant that only the most relevant candidates were presented to ForrestBrown which increased efficiency and optimised time. 


In August 2022, competition for digital marketing talent was fierce and time was of the essence with the current incumbent due to leave in just 6 weeks. We couldn’t risk losing top-quality candidates through a drawn-out hiring process, so we rapidly sourced talent and worked seamlessly with the ForrestBrown team to keep the process moving at speed. The process took 14 days from start to finish. 

The results

Across a 14-day project, we were able to identify a selection of high-quality potential candidates through our existing network and proactive searching. We supported ForrestBrown throughout the selection process and helped them to hire their best match. The level of experience of the chosen candidate enabled them to start delivering impact from day one and really hit the ground running. Are you looking to grow your team? Contact us today.

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