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How we helped a Bath-based agency hire PPC specialists.


About Bind Media

Bind Media is a multi-award-winning agency that specialises in paid media, digital analytics, and CRO.

The majority of the Bath-based team are paid media experts, with a handful of technical analysts and conversion designers completing the team. As a paid-media first agency, Bind Media are passionate about achieving outstanding results and empowering the businesses they work with.

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Bind Media were looking to further expand their team with three paid media roles in 2022

They needed talented, paid media specialists to help build and optimise paid media campaigns across a range of platforms as well as managing client relationships. They were on the lookout for self-driven candidates with a willingness to learn. But with particularly challenging job market conditions in 2022, PPC talent was increasingly hard to come by. Competition for high-quality paid media candidates was unprecedented and many businesses were struggling to fill specialist PPC roles. Like many other SMEs, Bind Media needed an experienced recruitment partner to manage the daily complexities of recruitment, and to source a selection of candidates with relevant experience. With our detailed knowledge of PPC recruitment, we stepped in to provide a best-in-class recruitment solution for Bind Media.


Our Approach

In-depth understanding

Getting an understanding of Bind Media’s needs at a strategic level was essential. To gain a true understanding of their requirements, we needed a clear impression of their short, medium and long-term vision. Through various calls with key stakeholders, we were able to build a solid understanding of their needs and quickly understood that we needed to look beyond the positions that were being recruited. There was clear potential for career development within the Bind Media team, so we needed dynamic candidates with career growth aspirations. Cultural fit was also critical. We spent a lot of time really getting to understand the personalities across the entire company and the type of person that would complement this. 

Consultative approach

To remain true to the Bind Media requirements, we worked closely with them throughout the hiring and selection process. We advised on factors including market conditions, candidate availability and salary. We offered realistic guidance on what skills could be expected within the salary offered, which was especially important in the context of the candidate-short paid media market. 

Existing talent pool

PPC skills were highly sought after in 2022, so relying on advertising alone wasn’t sufficient when it came to attracting high-calibre candidates. With that in mind, we turned to our existing talent pool of highly qualified candidates – many of whom we’ve built strong relationships with over several years. We searched our talent pipeline for people who were a potential fit – taking experience, skill sets and cultural fit into consideration. Our database only includes candidates who have previously been through our rigorous vetting process, meaning we could quickly identify qualified individuals to put in front of Bind Media. 

The results

We helped Bind Media to achieve their growth ambitions by placing three paid media roles throughout 2022. We took on the heavy lifting of recruitment to find and screen suitable applicants, ultimately saving Bind Media precious time and effort. Our team supported the talent acquisition process from end-to-end which resulted in the successful hire of three new faces. Are you looking to grow your team? Contact us today.

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