How To Research A Company For An Interview

Doing your homework properly could be the thing that lands you the job - it’ll impress the interviewer and will show your interest in the role.

27 Mar 2023

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If you’re wondering how to research a company for an interview, then you’ve come to the right place. Doing your homework properly could be the thing that lands you the job – it’ll help you impress the interviewer and will show that you’re genuinely interested in the role. But before we dive into how to do your research, let’s cover what you need to research. 

What to research before an interview 

You’ll need a good understanding of the company’s mission, values, and products or services to help you tailor your responses to the interviewer’s questions. But to really stand out you’ll need to dig a little deeper. Key things to research include:

Products, services, and clients

This’ll help you to answer questions during your interview with confidence and will enable you to come up with insightful questions of your own. You might already know some of this from the job description but see what else you can find out.

Mission and values

Find out what the primary business motivations and values are so that you can showcase how your skills, experience and personality align with these in your interview. This crucial bit of research will also help you to answer questions like ‘What attracted you to our company?’. 

History and background

It’s a good idea to turn up with some knowledge of the company’s history as this can offer insight into any defining moments and key successes. While this isn’t essential interview prep, it shows your curiosity and can really grasp the attention of the interviewer. Especially if you’re interviewing with a start-up or a small-medium sized company. 

Industry and competitors

This can get you up to speed with current industry trends and will give you a good overview of what makes the company unique. Knowing about competitors and the company’s position in the market will also help you to highlight how your skills and experience align with the company’s needs.

Company achievements

Doing some fact-finding about company achievements will show you’ve been thorough in your research and could really impress the interview panel. If the interviewer mentions a recent accomplishment in your interview, you’ll be able to get involved in the discussion with the advantage of some background knowledge. 

How to research a company for an interview

Now that we’ve covered what you need to research, let’s dive into how you can go about it. The company website and social media accounts are a great place to start, but you’ll need to turn to some additional sources too (our trusty friend Google). 

Start with the company’s website

This is the first step when it comes to researching a company. Most company websites will cover information about their products/services, history, mission, and values, so you’ll be able to get 80% of your research done in one place! Look out for insights into company culture, leadership, and current initiatives too.

Look for recent news and press releases

Check to see if they’ve appeared in the press recently for any achievements or awards. This can include product launches, partnerships, acquisitions, and other company-related news. 

Check the company’s social media profiles

Cultural fit is a key driver for interviewers so you need to turn to social media for some valuable insights into culture and brand personality. Look for posts about company events, employee engagement activities, and so on. 

Check employee reviews on Glassdoor

If you want to get the real scoop on company culture, you need to look at Glassdoor (or an equivalent). The anonymous company reviews and ratings will give you an idea of the company’s culture, work environment, and management style. It’s important to take these reviews with a grain of salt though, as some ex-employees might have an axe to grind. Once you’ve looked into all of the above, you should be good to go. Good luck!

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